How to create a PGN File for the games database.


For the Coventry & District Chess League to add your games to the database, the games needs to arrive in a certain format which is portable games notation (PGN). Full Information on how to do this is below.


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PGN Editor Chess Tool

Step 1. Click manually enter position and then click next.

Step 2. Manually move the pieces around the board copying your game. When finished click next.

Step 3. In Events please use this format ; E. g. University D v's Rugby B

Step 4. In Site please use this format ; Div ? , Board ?

Please leave Round blank and ratings in either ECF or local grades. When finished click next.

Step 5. Click Clipboard and then Click here.

Step 6. Right click and then paste (ctrl+v) in the E-mail document that's opened and then send. Alternatively just click and paste in web-based E-mail and send to webmaster.